5 Tips For Planning Your Wedding Reception

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS! You are about to enter a brand new chapter in your life! Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and it can be so overwhelming. That’s why we have put together 5 tips for planning your wedding

1. Begin planning as soon as you can

The best thing you can do when planning your wedding is start as soon as you can. Generally, people set their wedding date between 12 & 18 months after the wedding so fortunately, time is on your side. It is easy to overlook how much is involved in planning a wedding even if you just want a simple wedding it is likely that you will be caught off guard if you leave it too late. As soon as he/she has popped the questions and you have gracefully accepted their request it’s time to begin planning for the best day of your life.

2. Work out a budget that works for you

Before you dive head first into what you want and who you are going to book for certain things it is important you and your partner set a budget that works for both of you and you stick to it. It is easy to spend more than you would like to on your wedding if you go straight into what you want, who you want and everything in between. Set a budget and base everything else around that

3. Choose your venue

Most people will already have a handful of venues that they would like to get married at but if you don’t, begin searching for the perfect venue for you and your partner. Make sure you consider things like, the capacity of the venue, where your ceremony would take place, where your wedding receptions would take place, menu choice, space around the bar, space for the DJ & Dance-floor, space for a photo booth and the cut off time for the venue. The most important thing to gauge is if the venue is right for you and your partner so discuss after viewing a venue what you like and don’t like about the venue.

4. Make a simple list of what you want at your wedding reception.

Once you have your venue chosen the perfect venue for your wedding. It’s now time to think about what you want at your wedding reception. Things like; DJ, band, saxophonist, led dance floor, balloons, flowers, candy carts, selfie pod, photo booth, big led numbers and wedding guest post box. Make sure that both you and your partner write a list of what you want with approximate costs so that you can merge the lists and work out if everything fits in your budget.

4. Split the responsibilities between bride & groom

An easy way to keep the planning process stress free is to split responsibilities between you and your partner. For example, you could arrange the photo booth, flowers and candy cart while your partner arranges the DJ, band and saxophonist. This will make planning the wedding of your dreams 10x easier

5. Prioritise the important stuff

Different people have different priorities. Things like the DJ, Dance Floor, Photo Booth and Love Letters are priorities for most people but make sure that you discuss what is most important for you and your partner is important. As well as writing a list of what you personally want make sure your partner does the same and you merge the lists and cut down certain aspects to suit your budget. You may both need to sacrifice things that you want so that the other can have what they want. Clear communication is key and will allow you to plan a wedding that you both enjoy and have everything you dreamed of.

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