3 Reasons Why A Digital Photo Booth Might Be For You

Discover why a digital photo booth might be perfect for your wedding and how it works.

Traditionally a photo booth takes your photo and prints it out for you to keep. While that is amazing and something we highly recommend to 80% of our clients, a digital photo booth might be more suited to your wedding.

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1. Affordability

You may be shopping around now for a photo booth and thats how you stumbled on this article. I am sure you can agree that one of the biggest consideration you might have when booking a photo booth for your wedding is costs. The cost of our digital pod photo booth experience is considerably less than our printing experiences. This is for one very simply reason; running costs. It costs us much less to run a digital only booth than it would for a printing booth as there is no printing media and no attendant needed and we pass those savings onto you.

2. Great for weddings with a large number of guests

If you are planning on having 100 people or more at your wedding then a digital photo booth might be the right choice for you. With our digital photo booths it will take guests under 30 seconds to take and share the photo to their phone via SMS or Email. This means that the photo booth will run a-lot more efficiently allowing for more photo sessions. You will receive all photos taken at your event via a digital album and we can print them out for you and post them to you door 24 hours after the event if you wish. So just because you have gone digital doesn’t mean you cant have the prints later!

3. Have the Photo Booth for much longer

Our standard time of hire for a digital photo booth is 8 hours. This means you can have the booth for the full duration of your wedding. From the ceremony right through to the reception. Capturing memories from the full day. This is easily the best thing about a digital photo booth.


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